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Providing premium legal solutions for both local and global clients. Headquartered in Jakarta. we are also able to combine local and international resources as well as sectoral expertise to provide legal services, particularly for clients who are engaged in a large number of international business transactions. With a long experience and a respected reputation in the legal sector, WLP Law Firm‘s clients come from a variety of industries, including international institutions, medical institutions, real estate, manufacturing and industry, retail and consumer products, and others. Our team of lawyers is experienced in providing legal advice across a wide range of corporate, trading, dispute resolution, real estate, employment, energy and mining sectors. We are proud that our lawyers are deeply committed to trust and long-term relationships and value honesty and integrity. This character is what makes us consistently focus on clients, trying to understand client needs, and able to provide legal services according to their needs. As such, our image is built on our ability to provide quality legal services, extensive expertise and long-term client relationships.

Highly Respected Criminal Defense Attorneys

Being faced with criminal charges places one in the difficult position of having the resources of the State, from the police department through the prosecutor’s office, being used to punish. One must also be aware of the potential effects of pleas and convictions on careers, families, domestic relations, custody, drivers licenses, CDLs, and more. A guilty plea with hopes that a court will show leniency may at first seem the easiest way to resolve a criminal charge; however, the best approach is to put the State to the test with an aggressive criminal defense attorney, demanding your rights be protected. The attorneys at WLP’s Law Offices offer free initial consultations and a strategic legal defense to protect your rights before they are lost. The criminal defense attorneys of WLP’s Law Offices provide their clients personalized representation, the benefits of the experienced legal knowledge required to navigate the criminal process, the legal experience to fully understand their options to make their own decisions without pressure, and the trial lawyer experience to aggressively take the matter through trial when needed.
Some of our more recent settlements include:
  • IDR 790 million settlement for a client whose vehicle was rear ended on the 10 FWY causing severe brain injury.
  • IDR 406 million settlement in which our client suffered severe brain injuries when their vehicle rear ended a truck parked on the side of the road with no reflectors.
  • IDR 920 million settlement in a car accident case where the insurance company failed to settle the claim in a timely manner.
  • IDR 475 million settlement in an auto accident case involving a dangerous public condition
  • IDR 825 million settlement in a car crash case for back injuries caused by a drunk driver who rear-ended our client’s vehicle

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We want to make sure you get your questions answered. Whatever your legal issue is — incredibly complex or common — we can help you address it, either with our own attorneys or through referral to highly qualified counsel.


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